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Our most results driven plan yet!

Ready to see some real results?
The “Shred Plan” is Danielle’s favorite for rapid results. Weight loss and gain has many factors and this is meant as a guide to take control of your diet for 21 days.*

“Intermittent fasting” is recommended but not mandatory. When fasting, an 8 hour window of calorie intake is recommended such as noon to 8 pm. Black coffee or tea is allowed but skip creamers and sweeteners.  Always remember to stay hydrated!!! Fasted workouts in the morning are recommended*. The theory of fasted workouts:  fasting overnight and workout first thing, the body is depleted of glucose- its main source of energy and will instead use stored fat for fuel. need food for energy and  

*If you’ll be exercising for an extended period of time or doing a high intensity workout, fasted workouts can be risky due to possible side effects of low blood sugar. Always check with your doctor to see what is the best option for you.

Email Danielle@platetherapy.com or alissa@platetherapy.com for more information.

*This plan is not meant as a long term solution. A “Maintenance Plan” will be released following the Shred Phase.