Health for the Holidays - Three Week Challenge

Ready to see some real results? Sign up for a meal plan today! Plate Therapy makes losing weight enjoyable and tastes great! Plate Therapy does all the shopping, chopping, cooking and delivering. All meals are fully prepared and delicious! Pick the plan that's right for you: 1200 kcal, 1500 kcal or 1800 kcal meal plan. (*We do have a larger meal plan available upon request) ADDITIONAL COST: Weekly Plate Therapy Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Snacks CONCIERGE SERVICE: Included, we know how busy life is. During the 3-week challenge, we will gladly input your weekly orders so you don't have to think about it. (Monthly saving of $25). Any further questions, email us at CUSTOM MEAL PLAN: Are you looking for a custom meal plan tailored to your Macro needs? We can do that for you. $100 Meal Plan Fee plus $25 a month to update. Email for more information.

Our 3 Meal Plan Options:

* All plans have a variety of meals with Fish, Beef, Pork and Chicken unless you choose the no fish option. No substitutions. Menu changes after 2 weeks. 1200 kcal - (no fish)$49.00 a day (with fish) $53.00 a day ( B | L | D | Snacks) 90 g carbs / 90 g protein / 53 g fat 1500 kcal- (no fish) $57.00 a day (with fish) $59.00 a day ( B | L | D | Snacks) 113 g carbs / 113 g protein / 66 g fat 1800 kcal- (no fish) $59.00 a day (with fish) $63.00 a day (B | L | D | Snacks + Protein shake- protein not included) 151 g carbs / 151 G protein / 88 g fat *We do have a larger meal plan available upon request