Getting Started

Who do I contact if I have more questions?

Plate Therapy was founded on the principle of helping others achieve a healthy lifestyle. Our founder Danielle McPartlin works tirelessly at keeping that personal touch as part of our business model. Feel free to reach out to Office Manager, Alissa for any questions or free advice.

What is Plate Therapy?

Plate Therapy is a chef-crafted meal-delivery company that uses only responsibly-sourced, premium ingredients. Meals are prepared fresh and orders placed on Sunday are available for delivery or free pick-up at our kitchen the following Wednesday. Orders placed Wednesday are available Sunday for delivery or free pick-up.

How does Plate Therapy Work?

1. Click the ORDER NOW button on the top of your screen. Choose your meals each week from our monthly-rotating menu. 

2. If you select the "delivery" option, you will be notified with the approximate window of time your meals will be delivered to your door in insulated bags with cold packs to keep the food fresh until you get home.

3. Heat, eat and savor! Oven is ideal for warming your Plate Therapy selection, but the microwave will also work!

Pick-Up & Delivery

If I want to pick up my order, where are you located?

Our kitchen is conveniently located at 26306 Diamond Place, Santa Clarita, CA 91350.

I missed placing my order and want Plate Therapy? Are there other options?

You're in luck! We have a Grab 'n Go locations in Santa Clarita. Simply stop by and choose from our curated meal options, no order necessary. Want to check what's in stock? Call 661-888-1158 and a Plate Therapy team member will be happy to share selections are currently stocked in the Grab n Go Fridge.

26306 Diamond Place, Santa Clarita 91350
MON - THU: 10am-2pm 
FRI - SAT: 10am-12pm 
SUN: 10am-2pm

Where does my Plate Therapy Deliver?

We are located in Santa Clarita and currently deliver to select areas around Santa Clarita Valley and Los Angeles, CA. Please contact to find out more.

Does Plate Therapy Deliver to my Area?

Please contact to find out.

Who Delivers my Meals?

Our fabulous Plate Therapy delivery team is a collection of super-knowledgeable folks who know all about the food you're about to enjoy!

Do I have to be home when my meals arrive?

We know you're busy – that's why we'll contact you with a delivery window for your drop off. If you're not home, we'll leave your meals on your doorstep in a keep-it-cool bag that will safely maintain the proper temperature up to four hours.

What should I do with the Plate Therapy bags and gel packs?

Please leave your delivery bag on your doorstep during the next delivery. Plate Therapy bags that aren't returned will require $10 fee. If you don't plan to reorder in the near future, contact us and we'll arrange to pick up the bags. Gel Packs, we do not need back. PLEASE RECYCLE GEL PACKS! Cut the end of the gel pack and dispose of the non-toxic biodegradable gel. Plastic pack is recyclable.

How long will my meals last?

We offer 2 delivery / pick up days Sunday and Wednesday so you can have fresh food all week! The meals come with a "sell by" or "best by" date for optimal freshness. All meals store perfectly in the refrigerator and we strongly recommend to eat salad and fish selections in the first 2-3 days. If you decide to freeze any of your selections, we recommend that you consume within one month of freeze date.

Is there a minimum order and delivery charge?

There's no minimum order, delivery charge for Santa Clarita is $10. Delivery fees for other areas vary, please contact to find out more.

Is there tax and do I tip the delivery driver?

No tax. No tipping. No worries!

Menu & Nutrition

I'm following a special diet, does Plate Therapy meet my needs?

Plate Therapy specializes in nutritionally balanced meals that harness the power of whole foods to promote a healthy lifestyle. We feature Paleo and Pescatarian options and all meals are free of dairy, gluten, soy and refined sugars.

Does the menu always stay the same?

No. We rotate the menu choices on a monthly basis to create variation while incorporating seasonal ingredients.

Can I make modifications to the meals?

Due to our production schedule, we can't make individual modifications to the meals.

Is Plate Therapy a diet?

Plate Therapy promotes a healthy, balanced lifestyle. We offer guidelines to help you achieve your fitness goals but always check with your doctor and / or nutritionist before changing your diet.

Which meals should I eat first?

To ensure optimal freshness, we recommend eating fish and salad meals at the beginning of the week.

Are Plate Therapy meals fresh or frozen?

All meals are freshly prepared by our Plate Therapy team in our gourmet commercial kitchen in Santa Clarita, California. Plate Therapy meals always arrive to your door fresh – never frozen!

Can I freeze my meals?

Salad selections should be eaten fresh, never frozen. Cooked meals can be frozen for your convenience – but remember, fresh is always best!