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Our Story

At Plate Therapy, we know first-hand about the direct relationship between eating well and living well.

Because well-being isn't just about what you see in the mirror or the numbers on a scale–though sometimes it is. ;) It's about feeling your absolute best, so you can live your absolute best.

The right foods help us manage autoimmune conditions. They also help us feel more energetic, healthy, and quite frankly, look better too. That's why we're so passionate about using food as a form of therapy.

We start by looking at what your unique body needs to reach your unique goals. For some, those goals are weight loss, others muscle gain, inflammation reduction, improved mood, or even better sleep. Whatever your body needs, our Plate Therapist is here to help you discover a more vibrant and healthy life.

Clearly, we take health seriously. But that doesn't mean we take ourselves too seriously. We love a good party as much as hitting the gym. That's called life-balance, and we encourage it. Because any diet that doesn't allow and encourage you to live in the real world isn't going to be helpful in the short nor the long-term.

So we'll do the prepping, shopping, chopping, and serving because we know that the path to living your fullest life starts on your plate.

We're Plate Therapy and we're here to help.


Meet Danielle.

Founder & The Plate Therapist

Without Danielle and her story, Plate Therapy wouldn't exist. Here's how it started: Imagine dealing with autoimmune issues, raising two boys (and one husband), while trying to get back to your optimal weight.

Here's the thing about Danielle. When she gets passionate about something, she gets PASSIONATE. She tried and researched every calorie-counting, restrictive diet you've ever heard of...but found mostly failure and disappointment.

That was until she started experimenting with Paleo-friendly, unprocessed, organic real foods, combined with the elimination of gluten, dairy and soy. Suddenly, Danielle began healing from the inside out. Inflammation went down, she got better sleep, boosted her energy and got in the best shape of her life!

That's when friends, families and even a few celebrities were inspired and asked her to meal prep for them. Which takes us to today. Danielle has grown Plate Therapy into a commercial kitchen, bringing healing and health to more hungry people. She continues to bring her personal touch and passion to our clients directly with complimentary support and guidance along their journey.


Meet Ryan.

Co-Founder and Chief Taste Tester

Ryan's motivation to eat well and stay active is simple: He has to take his shirt off on TV and Film. A lot. Maybe too much? Not enough? Depends on who you ask.

Either way, raising two boys with Danielle, juggling a busy career, and fighting the temptations of the craft services table is a recipe to fall out of shape quickly. So when Ryan witnessed his wife's healthful-eating mind / body / soul transformation, he found the best and most healthy way to look his best on and off screen. And after a high-stakes negotiation with Danielle, Ryan secured the coveted position of Chief Taste Tester in addition to managing the growth of Plate Therapy.

After years of following Hollywood's Yo-Yo dieting trends, Ryan's found balance and a healthy way to stay camera- ready. He's also inspired to share Plate Therapy with his fellow actors and anyone who needs delicious, healthy meals on-the-go.

Real Client Stories

Michael Wright
In an over-scheduled, over-stressed, over-whelmed life, it's too easy to ignore the basic things we all need to keep ourselves healthy – exercise, rest, and proper nutrition. Plate Therapy can't get you in the gym, or make you go to sleep earlier, but they can help you eat right. Their food is delicious, easy, and comes right to the front door.

Michael Wright
CEO, Epic Entertainment

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