woman with lemons

Our Story

At Plate Therapy, we know first-hand about the direct relationship between eating well and living well.

Because well-being isn't just about what you see in the mirror or the numbers on a scale–though sometimes it is. ;) It's about feeling your absolute best, so you can live your absolute best.

The right foods help us manage autoimmune conditions. They also help us feel more energetic, healthy, and quite frankly, look better too. That's why we're so passionate about using food as a form of therapy.

We start by looking at what your unique body needs to reach your unique goals. For some, those goals are weight loss, others muscle gain, inflammation reduction, improved mood, or even better sleep. Whatever your body needs, our Plate Therapist is here to help you discover a more vibrant and healthy life.

Clearly, we take health seriously. But that doesn't mean we take ourselves too seriously. We love a good party as much as hitting the gym. That's called life-balance, and we encourage it. Because any diet that doesn't allow and encourage you to live in the real world isn't going to be helpful in the short nor the long-term.

So we'll do the prepping, shopping, chopping, and serving because we know that the path to living your fullest life starts on your plate.

We're Plate Therapy and we're here to help.