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Sarahhunterdesigns about 2 months ago

Rustic Fall Salad

This was ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS! What a treat, I was SO close to breaking down and snacking on things that don't help with my goals and I told myself to have my dinner (this salad) and if I STILL was desperate I'd allow myself something. But no need, so delish, I would eat this ANYTIME! Yum!

Evamarie5 about 2 months ago

Egg Bacon Frittata

This is absolutely my favorite go-to meal. It's a definite for breakfast and sometimes it is dinner after a long day on set.

Miafesmire 3 months ago

Chinese Chicken Lettuce Wraps

These are my favorite!!! They are so delicious and filling. Great for lunch or dinner.

Tarawest23 5 months ago

Pesto Shrimp

There are so many delicious Plate Therapy meals, but I'm currently obsessed with the Pesto Shrimp. The shrimp is perfectly cooked and has the perfect amount of flavor without being too spicy. And the zoodles are so good I almost forget I'm not eating real pasta!! SO delicious!! (Other favorite dishes include the burrito bowl, the salmon plates, chicken lettuce wraps, and egg roll bowl - all amazing!!) Oh, and the paleo cookies are HEAVEN!! My family is so thankful to have Plate Therapy in our lives!!

Amy 5 months ago

Chicken Bolognese

There is just the right amount of spice making this hearty dish flavorful and delicious. We love the zoodles and the meal is filling and follows Keto diet plan. Love it!

Dastillw 6 months ago

Shrimp Tacos

The shrimp tacos are my favorite. The shrimp is super fresh and seasoned perfectly. The mango habanero sauce is just the right amount of sweet and heat. It is the perfect light meal for the summer months.

Jessicazaura 6 months ago

Chicken Chorizo Tacos

These were so so yummy! Loved that some hot sauce was included to kick up the heat a tad. So yummy!!

Auntdoublett 6 months ago

Butternut Squash Lasagna

I recommend this food to everyone I know. It just doesn't get any better than this. Eating healthy having it already cooked for you. Every meal is restaurant quality. Better than restaurant absolutely delicious you're full after you feel great about what you just ate but you don't feel stuffed swollen. There's no way I could pick a favorite every meal is absolutely delicious highly highly recommend everything 😍

Jlthom05 6 months ago

Egg Roll Bowl

Fantastic flavor and satisfies the appetite!! One of my favorites!!

Adfree 7 months ago

Butternut Squash Lasagna

I really try to eat healthy but the food has to taste good. This lasagna definitely fits the bill! One of my favorites!

Bsonnier 8 months ago

Egg Roll Bowl

The Egg Roll Bowl is my absolute favorite. I've tried all the dishes and love them all but this one is a true stand out. Plate Therapy is amazing!

Bohobirdy89 8 months ago

chicken shawarma

The chicken is so tender and rubbed in a blend of delicious spices! A perfect Mediterranean dish leaving you full and content without feeling heavy :)

Jdhowarth 8 months ago

chicken shawarma

Yummy spices make this a delicious meal.

Tuffguy1979 8 months ago

Barbacoa Tacos

Very delicious tacos I love the jalapenos pickled onions and the green sauce very fresh and filling

Bohobirdy89 8 months ago

Butternut Squash Lasagna

This was so flavorful and delicious! Hard to believe it's squash and not noodles! Eating healthy is easy when it tastes this good!

Andrea 9 months ago

Barbacoa Tacos

Amazing Tacos!!!

Aimeetnez about 2 months ago

Butternut Squash Lasagna

I don't even like Lasagna, but I love this! They create such interesting comfort foods that are both filling and good for you! I tried plate therapy years ago and I'm back to see what's new. This is a great thing to do if you want to shake up your nutrition without sacrificing taste or satisfaction. ❤️

Sspears107 about 2 months ago

Chinese Chicken Lettuce Wraps

All plate therapy food is amazing!! It's so nice having the convenience of grabbing a meal to go and knowing it is healthy (especially when you're a mom)!

Kbrown 4 months ago

Roasted Salmon and Brussels with mashed yucca root

Discovered Plate Therapy a couple months back and now they are a go to for lunches as they are right around the corner from my office. It got other people in the office going as well. I have tried many different things and they are all delicious and filling. But I think the Salmon, brussels and yucaa is one of my favs.

Krystahitchman 5 months ago

Paleo Almond Pancakes

This is one of our family's favorite meals! The pancakes are the perfect texture, and the sausage that comes with it is heavenly. It's a must try!!!

Veronica 5 months ago

Plate Therapy Breakfast Hash

I really love their breakfast hash I don't think I can get tiered of it.

Tera 6 months ago

Butternut Squash Lasagna

The Butternut Squash Lasagna is by far my favorite of the Plate Therapy meals. It is like a special treat and I am always sad when I don't see it available on the menu. The portion is large and it has a great flavor.

Jessicazaura 6 months ago

Egg Roll Bowl

I seriously CRAVE this meal. It is so good, hard to believe it's healthy!! But it's seriously delicious. I find myself purchasing this meal most frequently. But I've loved everything from plate therapy thus far!

Lori 6 months ago

Butternut Squash Lasagna

Unbelievable taste and low cal too! One of my go to favorites. Very filling, very flavorful, and just the right amount of yummieness!!!

Aiims 7 months ago

Barbacoa Tacos

YUMMY!!!!! Everything is so good!!! My kids loved the burger with 🍍

Ginnykim 7 months ago

Teriyaki Salmon

I absolutely love the Salmon Teriyaki with cauliflower rice. I eat this at least once a week. The sesame seeds give it a nice texture and the soy free teriyaki sauce is delicious. I appreciate that their food is locally sourced and organic. I've been doing mostly the grab and go which is super convenient but plan to pre-order soon

Tricialfb 8 months ago

Chinese Chicken Lettuce Wraps

My favorite dish. This is a tasty combination that makes an easy grab and go. It is great cold. The sauce adds just the right kick.

Jdhowarth 8 months ago

Barbacoa Tacos

This Latina loves these tacos!

Jdhowarth 8 months ago

Smoky Chicken Caesar Salad

Delicious salad and yummy dressing!

Jm 8 months ago

Chinese Chicken Lettuce Wraps

The Chinese chicken lettuce wraps are nothing short of amazing. They are delicious and the just one of the best menu items!

Chick03dee 9 months ago

chicken shawarma

This dish is one of my favorites! So delicious and filling!


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