Why Plate Therapy?

Eat Clean.

With macros, no dairy, gluten, soy or refined sugars, you'll see and feel changes quickly.

Wellness Support.

Consult with your Plate Therapist. Learn and stay motivated with help from your Plate Therapist.

Health, Made Your Way.

There's no expensive, long-term commitment. Plus we offer flexible, convenient pickup or delivery.


Our packaging is minimal and eco-friendly. And of course, we only use sustainably sourced ingredients.

"When I need to get back into touring shape, I eat Plate Therapy. I lose weight in an effortless, delicious way."


Danielle and Ryan

A Message From Our Founders

No matter what kind of changes you want to make in your body, the best place to start is with what's on your plate. And when we talk about changes, we're talking about real changes. The right foods have helped some of us gain control over physical and mental health issues and regain a full, active life. Others in the Plate Therapy community need the right fuel to achieve their physical goals. And we know all about that, too (as one of us is always taking his shirt off on TV). All of that is clearly important, but more importantly, our meals are freakin' delicious! Because using food as therapy only works when you enjoy the food. In Good Health, Danielle & Ryan

How it Works

First: Choose What You Want

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Personal Picks

Choose exactly which meals you want.


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Plate Therapist

Talk to an expert to set up your perfect plan.

Second: Choose How You Want it

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Pick Up

Place an order for pick up, or drop in for a Grab ‘n Go meal.



Schedule when you want your meals delivered.

Hungry for More?

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